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Now with Bright Futures, you can teach in the USA in your area of expertise! The J-1 Teacher Program allows international teachers the opportunity to come to the United States and teach in an American high school. If you meet the following requirements, we highly encourage you to apply now to this exciting, unique experience!



ALL applicants MUST be/meet the following requirements:

  • A non-U.S. citizen
  • 18+ years old
  • Proficient in English
  • Possess a degree equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree in either education -OR- in the subject area you intend to teach
  • Qualify to teach in a primary or secondary school in your home country
  • Currently employed as a teacher in your home country (or country of legal residence) AND have at least two years of full-time teaching experience -OR- If not currently employed, have had at least two years of full-time teaching in the past eight years AND within twelve months of applying have (or will have) completed an advanced degree beyond the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree (i.e. Masters or Ph.D.) in education or the academic subject area you intend to teach.
  • Able to satisfy all teaching eligibility standards, including certification, in the U.S. state and/or school where you intend to teach



  • Get hands-on experience in an American classroom, working alongside professional American teachers!
  • Experience the American education process and curriculum first hand!
  • Gain valuable professional training and experience to strengthen your resume!
  • Network with other professionals in education to share ideas, resources, and methods!
  • Develop your career & return to the best schools in your home country or continue teaching abroad!
  • Get involved with extracurricular activities and clubs that foster lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories!
  • Exchange teachers RECEIVE THE SAME SALARY AS AMERICAN CITIZEN TEACHERS, based on years of experience!

If you already have a school in the US that is willing to hire you, but you need a sponsor, Bright Futures International can provide that sponsorship for you! Just fill out the application and a representative will contact you!



We currently offer applicants three different program lengths to better cater to their individual needs:

  • One (1) academic year
  • Two (2) academic years
  • Three (3) academic years

Upon completion of their selected TEP, all exchange teachers MUST return to their home country. The idea is for exchange teachers to share their acquired knowledge and experiences with their colleagues, supervisors, and students to fulfill TEP’s mission, of exchanging talents and experience between the USA and teachers’ home countries!



  • General Education (Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary)
  • Special Education
  • Mathematics (General, Algebra, Calculus, Geometry)
  • Science (General, Chemistry, Biology, Physics)
  • Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, other)
  • Arts (Music, Dance, Drama, Art)
  • Business (Finance, Accounting, Economics)
  • English (Writing, Literature)
  • Language Learning (ELL, ESL, Reading, Speech)
  • Social Sciences (Social Studies, History, Geography, Psychology, Philosophy)
  • Technology (Computer, IT, Coding)
  • Physical Education (Fitness, Nutrition)

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