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USA High Schools that we partnered with has a mot to offer like:

  • A choice of top-quality academic courses – you decide what do want to study.
  • Choose any sport activity you want to join.
  • Cultural exchange as you will be in a school who has students from all over the world.

There are many types of American high schools. Most are part of community public school systems. Some offer a different kind of educational experience. Many of these boarding and private day schools draw top students from all over the world.

Our partner schools offer you stimulating intellectual experiences. Admissions often are competitive, so the student body represents the best of the best. At these schools, your classmates bring something extra to the classroom and after school activities.

Private boarding schools

These school are leaders in American secondary education – elite institutions that place students firmly on a track that leads to a top-level university education. At these schools, you’ll live in a dormitory on campus – usually in a shared room – under the supervision of faculty members.

The boarding school experience is unique because you’re immersed in a tight-knit learning community around the clock. Friendships forged at boarding school – with students and faculty alike – often last a lifetime.

Faculty relationships, in particular are unique, because you’ll live in close proximity to your teachers and often get to know them personally. In many cases, faculty members go beyond their school duties, mentoring and organizing activities that build a sense of family and community.

Private day schools

Some boarding schools accept day students, and there also are privately run day schools that have selective admissions. Here, the educational experience is similar to a boarding school, except that students live off-campus with BFME host families.

These high-quality schools feature rigorous standards, small class sizes, excellent facilities, and extensive athletics and enrichment activities. Many offer Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses.

Graduates of these high-performing schools tend to be in demand at universities, and college admission rates are typically higher at these schools than at public schools.

Public schools

Some of the best public schools in the nation are BFME partners. As part of the High School Plus program, you choose the city and state where you’ll study and have a large number of schools in prime locations to choose from. This is not an option with many other programs.

If you choose a public U.S. school with BFME USA High School, you’ll attend for one year. Participants often enroll with BFME for their senior year, so they can take part in graduation and get a U.S. high school diploma.

If you’re looking for a “typical” American school, check out public schools first. In these schools, you’ll study with and get to know mainstream American teens, join clubs, play sports, and take part in after-school activities.
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