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We create better generation for a bright future


At Bright Futures, we work on creating a better understanding between different cultures through our students, we make sure that this culture exchange is based on respect and cooperation.

We make sure that our students are global citizens who create ties and relations with other world citizens through their educational experience. We believe that being an international citizen has a great impact on our students future from both academic and practical sides.

Through helping our students from all over the world to attend high school in other countries, they achieved better understanding of these other cultures and erased a lot of misconceptions they had about it.


With a dual mission in mind, Bright Futures International seeks not only to foster the development of cultural understanding and mutual respect among diverse communities and nations, but also aims to enhance students’ academic performance and linguistic abilities as per each student’s desires. Students of various linguistic and academic backgrounds from throughout the world have all created their own unique, successful high school experiences with the guidance and support of Bright Futures International. After completing their high school diploma, many Bright Futures clients choose to continue their higher education in the USA, and Europe as well. In the spring of 2016, Mohamed Khaled graduated from Provo High School in Utah, and began college at Utah Valley University’s School of Mechatronics Engineering. Ahmed El-Sayed, a future dentist, also graduated in the spring of 2016 from Foxcroft Academy in Maine, and joined Maine University in 2017.

Since its inception in 2012, Bright Futures International has grown and expanded its horizons to provide even more opportunities for educational and personal advancement in the greater global environment. Recently in 2016, Bright Futures partnered up with firms in Australia and Western Europe to enable students to study in places such as London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and many more!


Outbound Program & Summer Camps


Since the end of 2016, Bright Futures International is thrilled to unveil our newest partnerships in Western Europe and Australia! Perspective students may now choose to study and embark on exciting experiences to witness historical and cultural landmarks in Western Europe, such as Amsterdam, Stockholm, Heidelberg, Madrid, and Paris.

Furthermore, we have been hard at work to bring you (and your younger brothers and sisters) more summer fun opportunities launching Summer 2017! Scan our extensive list of riveting full-board or partial-board summer camps to help you or your child make the most of your precious summer months! Search for the perfect summer camp option based on your favorite past-time hobby, such as water sports, photography, soccer, etc., or select the right option based on your desired destination, whether it be the Maldives, France, or England! Summer camps are the ideal way to reward your child with a fun-themed camp in an international setting to expose them to the greater international community, whether for the first time or the twelfth time!  No two camps are ever the same and the personal and cultural growth that comes with such a unique and fascinating experience is truly remarkable!


Alumni Accounts

We are proud of all of our alumni and all that they have accomplished! Almost all of our international high school graduates all over the world take advantage of our exclusive premium college benefits and choose to continue their university work in the United States and Europe. We offer college admissions preparation and counseling at no added cost to help rising college freshmen choose the best college and major(s) for them! Because no two students are the same, we have worked with our high school alumni to help them enter the fields that they are most passionate about, everything ranging from aviation school to business school, automotive mechanical engineering school and international affairs to the plethora of options in law school and medical school. We look forward to seeing where our students who participated in the newly implemented “Outbound Programs” continue their studies and cultural explorations in the future!


Future Development Plans

We at Bright Futures never finish developing and expanding our services and networks to bring you and your loved ones the best academic and cultural experiences the world has to offer. We are committed to offering the best international educational services with highly competitive rates for students no matter what their academic interests or chosen career paths may be. We are currently working to break into the Far East Asian markets, as well as South America and Eastern Europe to offer students a fuller array of options and hope to have them ready for application by fall 2020.

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